Kate McKenzie

Kate McKenzie

Departments: Painting and Drawing, Art Spectrum
Office Phone: (650) 329-3853

– Art Spectrum
– Painting and Drawing
– Advanced Painting and Drawing
– A.P. Art History

– M.F.A. in Studio Art
– Master’s in Art Education
– Teaching since 1990, at both the high school and college levels
– My favorite pastime is just being with my family, but I also love spending time in my studio painting, time in the sun, and time near the water.

Philosophy and Teaching Methods
Artists learn by doing, learning to look and see, and by thinking. The emphasis in my classes is definitely on making art, but we also spend time looking at and talking about art, as well as thinking about and developing ideas. I generally introduce new concepts with a short lecture or demonstration, and then assign a related project. As we progress through projects, I work one-on-one with students and introduce additional information. We will end most projects with an activity that allows for personal reflection and assessment. Grading is based on use of rubrics introduced at the start of each project.

I believe that art skills are just that: a learnable set of skills. When these skills are fueled by interest, thought, commitment, and care, the skills become a means to express creative vision. My goal is to encourage and support behaviors that are necessary to developing a well-rounded artist. These include perseverance, open-mindedness, experimentation, attention to the construction and appearance of a piece, and a willingness to re-work a problem in order to find the best solution.